Vanguard – Heroes United

Everything changed when the aliens arrived. They called themselves the Z’ehrts-Krelt, a confederacy of intergalactic band of outlaws who dominated planets through both force and fear. We just call them the Krell. The Krell are nothing but glorified bandits who thought of Earth as no more than a small town to be terrorized. We may be just a small town to these aliens, but we have some big guns.

For a while it actually looked like we were going to win. That’s when the General Torakk made a worldwide broadcast that changed our lives forever. The decree stated 1,000 civilians would die for every super-human sighting and 5,000 more for each time a Superhuman so much as raised a fist. The Krell chose Los Angeles as their slaughter grounds. Ironclad lead the liberation strike-force. They say he fought like a demon, never giving an inch and always pressing forward. His strike-force regained the city, but not before over seven million civilians died as per General Torakk’s decree.

From that day forth Los Angeles was known as the City of Ghosts. As a consequence from that tragic event, people gained an innate sense of fear and self-preservation causing the world to turn against the only hope they had left. Anyone wearing a costume, hero or villain, became a target.

What happened afterward can only be remembered through rumor and speculation. Not much is known beyond keeping ourselves safe from further annihilation. Rumors say that the heroes left, abandoning humankind, vanishing into time. No one really knows anymore, maybe they were just a myth. All we do know is that we are now a slave race, keeping the Krell supplied and strong.

Krell Supreme Commander Krang visited the Watchtower in Millennium City for the first tithing. To receive him was the Director of Human Affairs, Albert Zerstoiten (aka Dr. Destroyer). As part of the tithing, Albert planned to present a new “Incentive Device”, which was designed to keep slaves obedient.

When Albert activated the device, the watchtower’s energy grid shorted out as a signal to the resistance. As planned, a stealth ship dropped in Nightwind, who lead the charge along with a team of elite fighters. They were the best the resistance had to offer, not Superhuman, but none wore their costumes to avoid reprisals. Unfortunately, things went very bad. No one knows why, but the entire resistance team was wiped out by the Krell troops with one exception. Krang killed the traitorous Director of Human Affairs himself throwing Albert’s body to the street below and ordering it left there as a reminder. There has not been another uprising in just under 5 years, and our situation hasn’t improved. It seems to be getting worse.


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